Classmates’ Status


Below is the status of our classmates as of 6/15/12.  If someone is Found and Confirmed to be coming to the reunion, then their status is Confirmed with the number coming beside their name.  If someone is still missing, the status is blank.  We need your help to locate and contact the classmates who we still need to find.  Use suggestion tab above  to let us know about the missing classmates.   Those that are Found – make your reservation for our 40th Reunion!  Deadline for reservations is extended to June 15 – we have to give the caterer a guarantee number.  This page will continue to be updated . . . check back often to find out who’s coming to our 40th Reunion.  See you June 22-23!


Class of ’72 Directory
Eric Edwin Abston Found
Leslie Wayne Addison Deceased
Gloria Gwen Anderson Confirmed 1
  Laura Lynn Anderson Confirmed 1
Karen Jo Arnold Found
  Steven Millard Arrants Confirmed 2
  Nancy Ann Bachman Confirmed 1
  Michael Anthony Banks Deceased
  Phillip Ray Barbe Found
  Robert Barr Found
  Francis Wayne Batiste Found
  Donna Kay Belcher Found
  Martha Ann Belew Found
David Ross Bell Found
  Juanita Yvonne Bentley
  Connie Sue Bennett Found
  Peggy Darlene Blackard Found
  Patti Dee Blackwell Found
  Michael Miller Blair Found
  Susan Virginia Boggs Found
  Glen Preston Booher Found
  Rhonda Denise Bourne Confirmed 2
  Paula Susan Bowen Found
  Bina Ilene Boyd Found
  Stephen Blake Boyd Confirmed 2
  John David Braddock Found
  Donna Gail Branyon
  Parker Lyle Bristow Found
  Randall Eugene Brockley Confirmed 2
  Janise Louise Bronner Found
  Vickie Sue Brown Found
  Katherine Teresa Bullock Confirmed 1
  Edward Walter Burke Confirmed 1
  William Wesley Burleson Confirmed 1
  Michael Allen Burroughs Found
  Jeffrey Brian Butler
  Donna Brown Found
  Frances Lee Caldwell Confirmed 2
  Dennis Clark Calhoun Found
  Steven Judson Campbell Found
  Steven Edward Canada Found
  Donald Kelly Carr
  Delma Ann Carrier Confirmed 2
  Guy Edward Carter
  Robert (Robbie) Woodson Carter Found
  Beverlie Kay Childress
  Garry Zane Cole Found
  Peggy Collins Found
  Cheryl Allison Cornette Found
  Agnes Graham Cowan Found
  Patricia Ann Cox Found
  Gena Lee Creason Confirmed 1
  Pamela Jane Criner Found
  Brenda Joyce Crockett Found
  Bernadette (Snookie) Ann Crump Confirmed 2
  Steven Wayne Cunningham Found
  Michael Deans Davenport Confirmed 1
  Sara Jane Davenport Confirmed 2
  Michael Ray Davies Found
  Frank Mark Decaterina Confirmed 2
  Anita Elaine DeVault Found
  James Cannon DeVault Confirmed 2
  Pamela Jean Dixon
  Kevin Michael Dugan Found
Richard Allen Dugger
  Jack David Dunham, Jr. Confirmed 1
  Michael Ray Eads Deceased
  Joyce Ann Eaton
  George Anthony Eden Found
  Gary Lewis Ellington Confirmed 2
  Steve Lane Epperson Confirmed 2
Janet Marie Erwin Found
  Melanie Kay Evans Found
  Joe Walter Everhart
  Deborah Gail Faidley Confirmed 2
Henry Alfred Faivre Found
  Holly Ann Fankhouser Found
  Mary Louise Ferski Found
  Jane Dare Fesmire Confirmed 1
  Jeannie Rhea Fleenor
  Donald Ralph Ford Confirmed 1
  Mary Yvonne Franklin Found
  Paul Clayton Frederick Deceased
  Martha Kathren Galliher Confirmed 1
  Donna Ruth Galloway Found
  Denise Janan Gentry Confirmed 1
  Doris Gail Gibson Found
  Hunter Paige Gilliam Found
  Charles Wade Gowan Deceased
  Mark Kelly Graham Confirmed 1
  Margaret Archer Green Found
  Donald Allen Greene
  Bobby Carl Greer Found
  Mark Clifford Griffin Found
  Michael Lynn Griffin
  Emmett Lewis Haley Found
  Clyde Richard Hall Deceased
  John Ronald Hamrick Confirmed 2
  Frederick Michael Harkleroad Found
  Richard Asher Harkleroad Found
  Susan Jean Harkleroad
  Deborah Jean Harrison Confirmed 2
James William Hartsock Confirmed 2
  Nancy Ellen Hashbarger Found
  Patricia Lynn Hatcher Confirmed 2
  Mary Evelyn Hays Deceased
  Jillana Louise Heaton
  Joan Beverly Henninger Found
  Tony Lee Henninger Found
  Otto Lewis Hesse Found
  Judy Anne Hickman
  David Copeland Hicks Found
  Hubert Randall Hicks Found
  Andrea Hoaglund
  Billy Wayne Hodge
  Brinda Arlene Hodge Found
  Steven Martin Hoffert
  Johnny Darrell Hopkins
  Robert Alan Horning Confirmed 2
  Patricia Houser Found
  James Douglas Hughes
  Brenda K. Hull Found
  David Dickson Hyde Confirmed 2
  Sherry Lee Ingle Found
  Michael David Ivey Confirmed 1
  Karen May Jamison
  David Paul Johnson Confirmed 2
  Michael Charles Johnson
  Nancy Gayle Johnson
  Jana Fite Jones Confirmed 1
  Sharon Beverly Keith Found
  Frances Neville Kelly Found
  Randall Michael Kennedy Found
  Karen Marie Kerr Found
  Ronald Phil Ketcham
  Lisa Carol King Deceased
  Patricia Marie King Found
  Sharon Laughlin Deceased
  Ronald Arthur Ledford Found
  Roberta Henrietta Lee
  Janice Dawn Leonard Confirmed 2
  Jenger Kay Leonard Confirmed 2
  Randall Stanton Leonard Found
  William Robert Leonard Deceased
  Cynthia Ann Littleford Found
  Martha Jane Liverman
  Ruth Elizabeth Lockwood
Debi Jay Lunsford Found
Barbara Anita Lyon Confirmed 1
Sarah Gwendolyn McCarty Found
  Margaret June McCollough
  Karen Ann McCormack Confirmed 1
William Ward McDaniel Found
  Cynthia Claire McFaddin Found
  Mary Alice McMinn Found
  Patricia Ann McNutt Found
  Rita Beth Malcolm Confirmed 2
  Harold Steve Martin Found
  Claire Lee Mason Confirmed 1
  Edward August Mathesius Found
  John Keith Matney Found
  Karen Dianne Mauney Found
Kenneth Lee Miller Confirmed 1
Donna Jo Moore Confirmed 2
  James Randall Moore
  Terry Ann Moretz Found
  Samuel Blake Morrell
  Cynthia Leigh Mottern Confirmed 1
  Jeffery Clinton Mullins Found
Margaret Lea Murphy Confirmed 2
  Steve Danielle Nave
  David Michael Nestor
  Patricia Ann Nidiffer
  Karen Teresa O’dell Found
  Kathleen Mary O’Keefe Found
  Donnie Lynn Oliver Found
  Thomas Roger Pender
  Randy Lee Perry Found
  George Douglas Poole Confirmed 2
  Jon Poore Found
  Erbie Judson Powers Confirmed 2
  Sinclair Charles Preston Found
Teresa Gail Price Found
  Patricia Ann Puckett Found
  Shawnee Faith Repass Found
  Monte Isaacs (Ike) Richards Deceased
  Donald Lee Richter Confirmed 1
  Michael Anthony Rigole
  Cynthia Ann Ringley Confirmed 1
  Samuel Edgar Roberts Confirmed 2
  Sherry Diane Roberts
  George William Robinette Found
  Kathryn Rives Rogers Found
  Tony Carl Rosenbalm Confirmed 1
  Jean Carol Royston Found
  Carolyn Anne Rush Found
  Sharon Ann Russell Confirmed 1
  Pamela Kay Rutter
  Pamela Celestine Saddler Found
  Jackie Ann Sells
  Martin Ernest Sells Found
  James David Shanks Deceased
  Margaret Ellen Shanks Confirmed 2
  Nila Jean Sheffield Found
  Vicki Lynn Shepherd Confirmed 1
  Robert Dean Shepp, Jr.
  David Kyle Shumaker Confirmed 2
  Catherine Lee Slagle Found
  Henry Glen Smelser, Jr.
  Gregory Michael Smith
  James Wayne Smith
  Jeffrey Lynn Smith Found
  Kathy Lou Smith
  Stephen Neal Smith Confirmed 2
  Jules Walker Smythe Confirmed 1
  Ronald Clarence Snow Found
  William Lee Sorah Confirmed 2
  Angela Vaegh Spaulding Found
  Donald Joseph Speer Confirmed 2
  Debbie Ann Spence Confirmed 1
  Jeffrey Arnold Spink
  Debbie Ann Spitzer Found
  Sandra Diane Stephens Confirmed 1
  Michael Allen Stewart Confirmed 2
  Fred Windle Stickley Confirmed 2
  James Walter Stoots Confirmed 2
  Reba Sue Stophel Found
  Robert Preston Swiney Confirmed 2
  Peggy Lee Tanksley Confirmed 2
  Debbie Ann Tanner
  Pamela Goode Taylor Confirmed 2
  Gary Lynn Tester Confirmed 2
  Carol Farmer Thomas Found
  Jeffery Allen Thomas Deceased
  Mary (Molly) Powell Thomas Confirmed 2
  Julia Elizabeth Thompson Found
  Marty William Trammell Found
  Kenneth James Vance Confirmed 1
  Lucinda Ellen Vance Deceased
  Sheila Ann Vance Confirmed 1
  Rafe Gonyea VanHoy Found
  Connie Lee Vanover
  Jane Wampler Deceased
  Dennis Lee Wagner Found
  Elizabeth Ann Wall Found
  Richard Lane Wallace Found
  Debra Kay Walsh
  Phyllis Ann Wampler Found
  Robert Allen Wampler Found
  Susan King Warner Found
  Jacqueline Renee Watson Confirmed 1
  Shirley Lee Welch Confirmed 1
  Donella White Found
  John Christopher White Found
  Ricky White
  William (Billy) Lee White Found
  Thomas Arthur Whittaker Confirmed 2
  Federick Charles Whitten Found
  Barbara Jean Williams Confirmed 2
  Carolyn Louise Williams
  John Frederick Williams
  Rita Jeanine Williams Confirmed 1
  Frank Willis Confirmed 2
  James M. Willis Deceased
  Jenny Lou Winston Deceased
  Daniel Alan Witcher Confirmed 2
  Randall Garland Wolfe Confirmed 2
  Roy Stewart Wolfe Confirmed 2
  Malcolm Phil Woolwine Found
  Lauren Gail Wyatt Deceased
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